Join Our 55 for 55 Donors!


Since 1957, The Little Theatre has brought the best of Broadway to Central Illinois, but we can’t do it alone.  The generous support of ­patrons and local businesses have kept the bright lights of Broadway shining here in the city of Sullivan for 55 years now.  With your help, we were able to renovate this ­amazing building back in 2004, now we are coming to you again asking for your support.  We are looking for 5,500 donors to give us $55.00 in honor of our 55th Anniversary.  This would raise over $300,000 in additional ­revenue to ensure future productions and upgrade some very important parts of The Little Theatre (additional sound equipment, etc.) Watch as we fill the lobby with names of donors as we reach our goal of 5,500 ­donors.

Thanks to Our Current Donors!

Diana Anderson / Jared Anderson
Cynthia Appleby
Rebecca Arkebauer
Ed & Marcia Ballard
Ronald E. & Carol A. Batterham
Jack & Caroline Beaty
Doug & Jan Belles
Steve & Debbie Benefiel
Larry & Mary Kay Bennett
Roland & Betty Best
Jane Blair
Vickie & David Bowers
Kevin & Sue Breheny
Helen R. Brown
Andrea Buchanan
Lois Budde
Beth Calvert
Kurt & Angie Cameron
Shirley Campton
Robert & Patricia Cannon
Andy & Kathy Cerven
Murray & Fran Choate
Bruce & Mary Beth Condill
Gery & Cherryl Conlin
Janice Cox
Beverly Dean
Mark, Karen & McKenzie Deremiah
Richard W. Dettling
Don & Karen Doty
George H. Douglas
Denise Edgecombe
Ralph & Susan Elke
Dr. Sandy & Ron Ellis
Roger & Edy Ewald
Gary & Dixie Freeland
Dolores J. Ginsburg – In support of Dr. Sandra Ellis, Board Member
Betty L. Glasscock
David Hellwig
Ramona C. Henricks
C. Michael & Beth A. Hewing
Bill Hill
Janet D. Holmes
Denny & Mary Hutchings
Robert L. & Katharine King Jones
Marjorie Jones
Dick & Barbara Jostes
Todd Bruns & Kai Hung
W. Richard Kite
Judy Klein
Carl Lading
Bob & Teresa Lane
Howard W. Lawrence
Gina Lykins
Philip & Nina Martin
Mike & Laura Martin
Evelyn Matthews
Rich & Cortni McCabe
Gary & Tess Melvin
Carole Moore
Melody Moore
Patricia Myers
Tim & Cathy Ols
Marge Overlot
Richard & Judy Parker
Rod Randall
Joy Rathe
Millcreek Restaurant – Bill & Pat Rhoads
Jim & Lee Roll
Barb Runde
Robert & Sandra Runge
Paul & Anna Jane Sager
J. Sain
Dave & Roz Sandage
Art & Cheryl Sappington
Doug & Peg Schmalz
Jack & Bonnie Scott
Aileen & Al Sherline
John & Lois Shuman
R & B Electric
Dave & Lissa Skocy
Carol Smith / Jared Anderson
Sheryl & Susan Snyder
Marjorie Stark – In memory of Russell W. Stark
Larry & Carolyn Stephens
Patty Stiff
Ken & Joan Struttmann
Mary Sur
D. Ann & Morton Thompson
Roger & Verna Tice
John Stephens & Timmy Valentine
Linda VanAlst – In memory of John VanAlst
Michael Weber
Dave & Liz Weber
The Weiland’s
Diana Widicus
Dennis Williams
Robyn Yarcho
P. Jason Yarcho
Betty Zeaman