Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

STAR Program Workshops

The S.T.A.R. Program is available for workshops at schools and other organizational events. Workshops can be in the following areas.

  • Artist-in-residence workshops tailored to your interest and needs
  • Workshops that can be integrated with other areas of school learning
  • In-service teacher training
    • * ACTING – Intoduction to basic artistic process through improvisation, focusing on movement, imagination, vocal skills, characterization, and evaluation of work.
    • * DANCE – Introduction to the basic principles of dance and creative movement through “engaged learning.” Workshops structured to age and ability.
    • * DIRECTING – Students interact with a professional director learning fundamentals of play production.
    • * PRODUCTION – “Hands-on” workhops to aid teachers in the preparation, rehearsal and performance of their plays.

Workshops, following the performance, can be presented in the following configurations:

  • One 50 minute workshop for your entire group conducted by all four actors
  • Two concurrent 50-minute workshops each conducted by 2 actors
  • Four concurrent 50-minute workshops, each conducted by 1 actor

* To be constructive workshops, we like the ratio to be 24 Students to 1 Actor.

Call 217-728-2065 for more information.

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