Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015


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2015 Season Auditions for Children

The Little Theatre’s 2015 Summer Season auditions for area children are Saturday, March 14, 2015 at The Little Theatre Dance Studio on the south side of the square in Sullivan, IL. (Peach colored building)

All children will dance from 10 am -11am followed by an audition appointment. Appointments will be between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Call the office for an appointment

All children should wear comfortable shoes for the dance call (No sandals, flip flops or bare feet). In addition, all should provide resume and headshot. School picture is acceptable.

If children are auditioning for Jane  Banks, Michael Banks or Pugsley Adams they should prepare the music and the dialogue provided. Copies of those sides can be picked up in our box office from 9-5 p.m. Or at the dance studio, if you attend class. Or you can click on one of the PDF files below.



All children auditioning to be Munchkins should be prepared to sing 16 bars of music of their own choosing. Accompanist will be provided. Please bring sheet music. No tracks allowed.

Call our office at 217-728-2065 for an audition appointment. If you have any specific questions regarding auditions, talk to Therese Kincade, Associate Artistic Director.The following Children’s Roles are available

Mary Poppins
Rehearsal and Production dates May 18-June 14, 2015. Performances begin June 3rd. (Most rehearsal for children will be scheduled afterschool. Children who are cast may have to miss a day or two of school depending upon how late their school year goes. )

Jane Banks Actress, age 10-14. Strong singer, actor and dancer. Stage experience required. Jane is a pretty girl with a British Accent, exuberant but willful. Occasionally inclined to snobbishness. Maximum height: 60″.

Michael Banks Actor, aged 8-12. Strong singer and actor, good mover. Stage experience required. Michael is a young British boy who is cute and playful, but also excitable and a little naughty. Must be shorter than Jane.

The Addams Family
Rehearsal and Production dates July 17-August 9, 2015

Pugsley Addams  Actor age 10-15. A husky boy who is charming and funny and who loves being tortured by his sister. Strong, high vocals. Voice not yet changed. Good actor and mover. Maximum height: 5 ft. 2 in.

Wizard of Oz
Munchkin rehearsals are Sunday afternoons June 21 and June 28. Rehearsal resumes July 2-15 and show runs July 16 through July 27

Munchkins Young actors/actresses, age 8-12 who are no more than 56” tall. They are the little people who inhabit the fictional Munchkinland. Munchkins must sing in a group, act, dance, and have focus and good stage presence.